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Monday, November 10, 2014

Green Superfoods List: Sea Vegetables

Green Superfoods List:
Sea vegetables are an excellent source of proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Below is a short description of some green superfoods you may have never heard of Try adding these nutritious green superfoods to your diet.

Green Superfoods List

Green Superfood Nori

Many people use Nori as sushi or for making vegan sandwich wrappers. Like most sea vegetables it has a dark green color and is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Mori is made by shredding the sea vegetables and making them into what resembles sheets of paper. The largest producer of Nori are Japan, Korea, and China. Nori can typically harvested si weeks after seeding.

How to eat Nori

Nori can be toasted nori make a great snack. It can also be used for vegan sandwiches or salads.

How to make green superfood Nori wraps

Green Superfood Kombu

Kombu is a great green superfood for making a soup.It is a seaweed that belongs to a family of brown algae. Most of it is cultivated and harvested in Japan.

In Japanese cooking it is widely used for making dashi, which is the stock for making miso soup.

How to eat Kombu

Komb is perfect for flavouring any soup, or you simmering it for half an hour in water to release its minerals and drink it.

Green Superfood Wakame  

Wakame and Kombu are closely related. Research has shown that a compound in wakame might help to fight against obesity. Wakame is also one of the highest vegetarian sources of an Omega-3 fatty acid.

How to eat Wakame

Wakame has a delicious flavour and can be used for soups and salads.

Green Superfood Dulse

Dulse makes a grat snack and is grown on the northern Atlantic and Pacific coasts. It is great source of fiber.

How to eat Dulse

Dulse can be eaten as a quick snack and  is packed with proteins and iron. It is also available in packages of dulse flakes which you can sprinkle on salads.

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